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The Popular Vote Nonsense

Saturday, December 31st, 2016


The Popular Vote Nonsense

Phillip Coffman

We are still deluged by the media, talking heads, and pundits who attempt the discredit Trump’s amazing win for the Presidency with assertions that Hillary’s popular vote tally of  about a 2.5 million vote plurality is somehow is an injustice and a flaw in our system of government.

 Fortunately the wisdom of our founding fathers prevails. In their wisdom they knew the Republic could not stand if the affairs of the nation were dictated by a few highly populated urban areas. In their case, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Their establishment of the Electoral College was a brilliant insight that has again shown the extent of their God given wisdom.

 A quick look at County election maps ( clearly shows the will of the citizens of the United States of America in the last election. Eighty Four percent of all Counties in the United States went to Donald Trump.

The mantra of one man, one vote has never been the tenet of our Republic.

But more importantly, let’s look at the facts to see why.

 Hillary did win the total popular vote.

Using New York Times figures, the numbers are as follows:

US total vote:  HILLARY:      65,844,610

US total vote:  TRUMP:          62,979,636

US Total plurality:  Hillary:    2,533,416

 Does that mean she won and should be President?  Absolutely not! Look at the map again. She won only 16 percent of the Counties in the entire United States.

 Trump won 306 Electoral votes and Hillary won only 232 Electoral votes.

How did this happen?

 The reason why the popular vote is not the law of the land and why it is so dangerous is best seen in the following example:

The results on the vote in California which I am regrettably, a citizen, illustrate the problem with the popular vote.

California’s total vote went to Hillary with a plurality of approximately 4.3 million votes.

Hillary:          8,753,788

Trump:          4,483,810

Difference:   4,269,978

 The total difference between Hillary and Trump for the entire nation was 2,533,416 votes.

California alone accounted for 169% the total plurality for the entire nation.


But that is not the whole story!


Looking at the State of California as a whole, the greater Los Angeles Area gave Hillary a plurality of 1,445,546 and the greater San Francisco Bay Area gave Hillary a plurality of 1,365,820. A total plurality of 2,811,820 from the urban sprawl of essentially two metropolitan areas from one ultra-liberal State. The course of the entire nation would be dictated by two metropolitan areas (each with significant welfare and crime problems of their own). One hundred and eleven percent of the so called popular vote plurality is accounted for by two urban areas of one nearly bankrupt State out of the entire nation!.

Do you still think the popular vote is a good thing?  

Thank God for the wisdom of our founding fathers!